Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures From The Farm

I thought I would share a few pictures that I had taken in the last week or so.  This is a view to the south of our house when we had that big rainstorm last Sunday.  It looks like a new creek running through the yard.  The tilled ground is where the popcorn is planted. 

 This is another view of the "creek".  The chicken pen in the picture is where we keep the meat birds (they get moved daily to fresh pasture).  We had moved them to higher ground after the last big storm when we lost 36 birds.  A hard lesson learned:  Don't keep the chicken pens in the low portion of the field, or they may drown in a flash flood. 

This is a picture of our potatoes after weeding and laying more straw over their tops.  We are trying this method this year for the first time.  If it works, we'll just lift off the straw when it's time to harvest and won't have to dig potatoes...they will be laying on top of the soil.  Troy really likes this possibility!

Here is a pic of our corn coming up.  This was taken a week ago, so they are a bit bigger now.  Come on sweet corn!

And lastly, a picture of harvesting onions.  I planted them pretty close together with the intention of harvesting every other onion for early green onions, and then leaving the rest to grow bigger.  So far, so good.  We are also mulching with grass clippings to help keep the weeds down.  It's working well too.

So, that's the garden update for now...stay tuned.

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