Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got Weeds?

Okay, so the garden is in desperate need of weeding...all that rain as given way to weeds, and it is not fun to weed in this 90 degree weather.  That being said, we went out this morning to attack the herb beds.  This is the before (yes, there are herbs in there):

Here is the after.  Much better.  We have oregano, sage, thyme, and stevia in this bed.

 In this bed we have rosemary, more thyme(German), onion chives, and garlic chives.

Here we have cilantro and basil. 

I still have more starts to get planted.  My other herb varieties are:  basil (Italian, purple, lemon, and lime), parsley, dill, and lavender.  It's supposed to rain again, then cool down and be dry for a little while.  Hopefully we can get the last of the garden planted...yay, (and weed some more...boo).

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