Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pictures From Around The Farm

I took some pictures today and thought I would share them.  Let the farm tour begin!

 Above is a picture of our square foot gardening experiment.  I am really happy with it so far, and the plants are growing really well.  We plan to add more boxes to the garden yet this year. 

 Troy built a new composter out of old picket fences we already had.  It is just two bins, but it's a start to making black gold for the square foot garden.

 Here is a shot of our dwarf fruit tree orchard.  We have 2 apple, 2 peach, 2 plum, and 3 pear so far.  We had to put fencing around the trees becasuse the deer were munching on them.   I am planning on planting another apple and some cherry trees as well.  We have more standard and semi-dwarf fruit trees planted on the property too...can't wait until they are all bearing fruit! 

 Here are some blueberry plants I bought on clearance, waiting to be planted.  We are going to make an edible plant border along the front of the house.  I love the idea of walking out my front door to pick a snack.

 I thought I would share my little rock garden.  We planted this over our septic tank to hide the ugliness.  I have coneflowers, daylilies, russian sage (all blooming) and dahilas (about to bloom).  I also planted an old bucket and washtub with annual flowers.  Please don't mind the yard that needs mowed!

 This is a little area along the timberline by the house that Troy has started clearing out.  We are going to put a little playhouse here for the kids.  They have plans for their own "Secret Garden".  It should be fun!

And finally, we moved the firepit and benches into the timber a ways and set up a little "campsite".  We had a bonfire the other night and the kids had a blast.  It kind of felt like we were in Canada...we just need a fishing pond and we'd be set.  The joys of living in the country!!

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