Saturday, May 28, 2011

1st Day at the Farmer's Market

Today was our first day at the Knoxville Farmer's Market.  It went pretty well, but it did rain on us some.  We ended up leaving a little early because of it.  We have not bought our shade canopy yet, but plan on getting one before the next market.  We will be at the market every Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

 Here is our table set up before the market started.  We also have a banner type sign that we need to figure out how to hang or display.  We'll also have the shade canaopy next week to protect our merchandise from rain/hot sun.
 Here is a close up view of the table.  We sold cinnamon rolls made with freshly ground organic hard white wheat berries, chocolate granola made with organic rolled oats, mini apple pies made with organic apples, green onions (both white and purple), and herb bundles (garlic chives, onion chives, and thyme).  We also had pastured eggs, market bags, and bottle cap magnets (a little craft I did for fun).

 Close up of the cinnamon rolls...we taste tested these and they were pretty good I must say. 

 Close up of our onions. They are sweet and mild, perfect for salads or maybe in a egg dish.

 Our egg sign.  Our eggs are from pastured hens and cost $2.50 per dozen.

These are the little magnets I made, displayed on a vintage metal tray.   All in all I would say our first market went pretty well.  Hopefully we will get more customers throughout the season.  Hope to see all of the locals at the market next week!

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