Monday, April 25, 2011

The New Bees Are Here!

We went and picked up the new bees Friday night in Lynnville.  We ordered two 3 lb. packages this year.  This is what the packages look like.  There is a can of sugar syrup in the middle of the box that the bees feed on while being shipped.

Here is a close-up of the bees in the box before installation in the hives.

Here is a frame of honey.  There was quite a bit left over from overwintering our bees last year.  I wish we would have harvested some instead of leaving it all for the bees...who ended up dying anyway.  Bummer.  We went ahead and left them in the hives for the bees to eat.  At least we don't have to feed them while they are getting established.

 Here are the two hives after we installed the bees.  There are always a few left in the box after you shake them in the hive, so we just sat the boxes by the entrance.  They eventually all went into their new home. 

We are hoping for a good year for honey...and that we will keep them alive this time!  Best part of the day...nobody was stung.  Spraying them with sugar syrup helped with that, I'm sure!

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