Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicken Runs Finished

I think I have shown a picture of this run before, only difference is that we've added wheels to make it easier to move (which we do daily).

 Here are the laying hens, probably hoping for a treat, which they didn't get this time.  Sorry girls.

This is the newest run that is holding our 50 chicks, which aren't really chicks anymore, they are growing like crazy.  This run gets moved daily as well, so the chickens are always on fresh pasture.  We'll have to make another one of these later when the chickens are full size (25 per run).  Troy also made a waterer out of PVC pipe and nipple waterers. He just pours the water inside the white bucket on top of the run, and it fills the pipe.  The chickens always have access to clean water, and no dirty waterers to wash and fill up all of the time!

Here is a pic of the chicks taken today.  I think they may have been looking for treats too!  Sorry girls (again). 

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