Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Chicken Update

Well, the baby chicks keep growing like crazy, but they are still cute.  The kids have fun watching them, and I have to admit they are rather entertaining.  This is how they look today at about 3 weeks old.  They are starting to get their reddish feathers.

Here they are learning to drink out of the nipple type waterers. These are great.  The water stays clean all the time...there is no waste and no mess.  I believe Troy ordered them online from  We definitely recommend them!

Our older hens got moved to a new home.  They are adjusting, but I don't think they like it as well.  Our egg production is down a little since the move.  Troy built this little coop attached to a run that he moves every day.  This Spring we will be moving it all up and down our orchard line under the fruit trees.  Hopefully they will fertilize the ground and eat unwanted bugs too.

Here are the girls enjoying fresh pineapple scraps.  Maybe they will forgive us if we give them treats!

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