Friday, February 18, 2011

They're Here!

(Make sure you turn your volume up to hear the cute chirping!)

The baby chicks arrived bright and early this morning.  The post office called us at 6 am, so Troy went to pick them up.  They are all alive and healthy looking, and started eating and drinking like champs. They came from Welp Hatchery here in Iowa and we are happy with our order. These chicks will be a second flock of laying hens for the farm.  They should start laying eggs in June sometime, and we hope to sell them at the Knoxville and Pella Farmer's Markets, along with any on farm sales.  They are Red Stars, just like our current chickens and they have been egg laying machines, even through the Winter without supplemental light.  We have been getting a dozen eggs per day out of 15 chickens, now that the days are growing a little longer. Adding new animals to the farm is fun...can't wait for a couple pigs and maybe a feeder calf or two.  We'll also be ordering meat birds soon...can't wait to taste those! 

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