Friday, July 9, 2010

Picket Fence Farm Newsletter #7

Picket Fence Farm Happenings
Season 2 Issue #7

What’s Happening on the Farm
More rain, more weeds, more mud. I feel like a broken record. Some things are stunted, or behind in ripening. It has been too muddy to plant some more of our succession plantings and things that will be ready for Fall harvest. This season has been very challenging to say the least. It sounds like other farmers and gardeners in the area are having similar issues. We are already looking forward to next season! We thought by now the boxes/bags would be quite a bit heavier, but the weather is preventing that. We hope things will shape up soon. On another note, we have part of our new greenhouses at the farm! We still need to go get the other half, which we will do soon. It will be exciting to see them up and ready for planting. We also brought our other 15 chickens to the farm this week. Half are a gold production type that will lay brown eggs and the other half are Silver Laced Wyandotte's (also brown egg layers). They are getting adjusted to their new home and roommates. We have 4 Red Star hens that “rule the roost”. They are quite bossy and pushy with the new birds. I hope things will settle down in the hen house soon. The new hens are pullets that are about to start laying, so when they do and we have a consistent supply of eggs we will have them for sale to members that want to purchase them.

What’s in the Box?
Mixture of green beans, wax beans, and Dragon Tongue Bean (yellow with purple stripes)
Radish--French Breakfast
Bags will contain at least two of the following:
Zucchini--May have green, yellow, or round
Baby Cabbage

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