Monday, February 1, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs

Anyone interested in purchasing farm fresh free-range eggs? We have a few pullets (hens that are just about ready to lay) that are arriving on the farm in April. They will provide us with some eggs for our Summer CSA season, but we are thinking of expanding our egg production by purchasing chicks at the end of this Summer/Fall to raise over winter so that they would be laying by next Spring. We need to get an idea of how much interest there is to determine how many chickens we'll need. Anyone interested can email us at the link to the right.


  1. Would you want me to save my egg cartons? I get the great big kind that hold... a lot. I could save the box and the carton that holds the eggs for you. (The box holds 7 1/2 dozen eggs).

  2. Jennifer-
    That would be great if you would save us a few anyway. Thanks!