Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pictures From The Square Foot Garden

I took these a week or so ago, and remembered that I hadn't posted them yet.  The SFG beds are really growing well. 

 2 very healthy zucchini plants and some Royal Burgandy beans (trying not to get crowded out)!

 Pumpkin plants...these got planted late in the season, and we do have some small pumpkins on the vines...hoping to get a harvest out of them, but we'll have to wait and see.

 Lovely little Delicata squash.  We also have some acorn squash in this bed.

 Cantalopes...these are a bit bigger now and getting their netted skin.  I think it won't be too much longer and these will be ready.  Yay!

And finally, little watermelons.  I am really hoping these grow bigger and are ready before any frost...we love watermelon!

I continue to be pleased with our square foot garden.  We added a few more beds and ripped out some flowers and spent plants to make room for fall crops.  I planted lettuces, micro greens, spinach, beets, more green beans, and snow peas. Oh, and more cilantro because I can't seem to go enough of is so good fresh.  I plan on transplanting my perennial herbs to the square foot garden, and maybe my strawberry plants as well.  Always work to do in the garden...we just need more time to get it all done!

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