Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seed Ordering Time!

Here is a sampling of the plethora of seed catalogs that have come in the mail this last month.  We are putting together our orders, trying to order from companies that have taken the Safe Seed Pledge.  This states that the company will not knowingly sell ANY GMO seeds.  Some of the seeds we purchase are organic, but more important to us is that they are not genetically modified in any way.  A few of the companies we are looking at ordering from include:

Johnny's Selected Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Territorial Seed Co.
Wood Prairie Farm (I have heard they have great potatoes)
Shumway's (not sure if they are a part of the pledge, but they do state in their catalog that they Do NOT sell GMO's)

There are other companies, just Google it.  We buy our onions from Brown's Omaha (in Texas) and have always been pleased with the quality.  We also just ordered our 50 laying hens from Welp Hatchery here in Iowa.  They are scheduled to arrive the week of Febuary 14th, so stay tuned for cute baby chick photos.  Hubby is up at the barn building a brooder this afternoon, so I may have pics of that soon too.  I'm ready for Spring, how about you?

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