Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House News...

Here is the exterior finished. We'll probably add some shutters later.

They've started installing our septic tank. They still need to do our laterals. Since our soil is clay at the house site, we have to go with a sand filter system. Luckily for the CSA, our garden soil is rich loam (they say some of the best in Marion County)!

This is what the interior looks like as of this morning. Our contractor was starting to add insulation and hang drywall today. Once he is done with that, he has to wait for our electric to be hooked up (by Mid-American) to finish the drywall. We are 8-10 workable days out on the list, so we need to pray for DRY weather!!! We are supposed to be moved out of our house in town by Oct. 29 (which is fast approaching)! Luckily we have family to take us in so we are not homeless if the house isn't quite done yet:)

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