Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Our garden is FULL of these menacing looking spiders. They are harmless though, and actually good for the garden because of all the pests they eat. I think I've probably counted a dozen of these webs and garden spiders, and I am sure there are more. Most of them are yellow and black like the one here, but I have also seen black and white with a little yellow. The webs are really quite neat.

Okay, we saw this snake on the road by our farm...lovely, isn't it? Can you hear my sarcasim? I'm not a big fan of snakes. Anyone know what kind this is?


  1. It looks an awful lot like a bull snake. The only reason I know anything about bull snakes is because we had a snake problem at our old house. We had about 3 dozen IN our house, in ONE YEAR. I thoroughly enjoyed that. But hey, it made for some good blog material?!?! :) (I did a 2008 recap post and it has several links to "snake posts" that I wrote. Here's the link to the recap post! Hopefully it doesn't give you the heebie jeebies! :)

  2. I think you are does look like a Bull Snake after seeing pictures. So sorry for your snake least this one was outside!!