Friday, May 22, 2009

What We Have Planted Part 1

I thought it would be fun to make a list for our customers so they could see what all has been planted so far...
Sweet Corn (Sugar Baby, Incredible, Bodacious)
Tomatoes (Red Cherry, Early Girl, Rutgers, Jubilee Yellow, Mr. Stripey, Coldset)
Peppers (Jalapeno, Garden Salsa, Italian Roaster, Hungarian Wax, Lady Bell, Big Bertha Bell)
Eggplant (Cloud Nine, which is white and a regular purple variety)
Cucumber (Sweet Burpless, Lemon, Armenian)
Zucchini (Fordhook)
Summer Squash (Early Golden Crookneck, Patty Pan Green, Patty Pan Sunburst)
Lima Beans
Green Beans (Contender and Royal Burgandy)
Onions (White, Red, and Yellow)
Potatoes (Norfolk Russet, Red LaSoda, Pontiac Red)
Snow Peas (Avalanche)
Lettuce (Green Ice, Looseleaf Blend, Bibb, Mesclun Mix, Little Cesear)
Spinach (Avon, Baby's Leaf)
Cabbage (Green and Red)
Radish (Sparkler and Watermelon)
Carrot (Little Finger)
Arugula (Rocket)
Turnip (Purple Top White Globe)
Beet (Chioggia)
Watermelon (Sugar Baby and Orange Tendersweet)
Honeydew (Cool Green)
Melon (Early Silverline)
Cantalope (Alaska)
Flowers (Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnias, Larkspur, Old-Fashioned Mix, Wildflowers)
Asparagus (Jersey Knight...this is a start to our patch, we will be adding more next year with a hopeful harvest in 2 years)

This is what is in the ground so far. We have some more to plant so I will keep you updated.

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