Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Seeds Are Planted...

We got a few seeds in the ground this past weekend. The tractor was still out of commission last week and it was a nice day to plant, so I was able to plant the two raised beds next to the fenced garden, then covered them with a floating row cover. The seeds planted are:
Spinach-Baby's Leaf
Mesclun-Salad Mix
Lettuce-Looseleaf Blend
Carrot-Little Finger
Turnip-Purple Top White Globe
Onion-Yellow Stuttgarter
Onion-Evergreen Long White Bunching
We still have a lot to plant, but this at least gets us started. We were also able to plant two apple trees that we ordered from Stark Bros. The varieties are Red Rome Beauty and Golden Delicious. We hope to plant more fruit trees later as well. Next up...asparagus, potatoes, and more spring veggies!

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