Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Ten Lists

The following info is from a book entitled From Asparagus to Zucchini, A Guide To Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce

Top 10 items purchased at a grocery store:
1. Marlboro cigarettes
2. Coca-Cola Classic
3. Pepsi-Cola
4. Kraft processed cheese
5. Diet Coke
6. Campbell's Soup
7. Budweiser beer
8. Tide detergent
9. Folger's coffee
10. Winston cigarettes

Top 10 items delivered by a typical CSA farm:
1. Tomatoes
2. Lettuce
3. Carrots
4. Beans
5. Potatoes
6. Peppers
7. Squash
8. Onions
9. Peas
10. Broccoli

Here are are a couple other facts to think about:

*On any given day more than half the U.S. population eats no fruits or vegetables. By joining a CSA, you and your family are ensured a weekly supply of fresh healthy produce.

*Only 1 of 10 children ages 6-11 eats the recommended 5 a day servings of fruits and veggies. Surveys of CSA members reveal that by becoming a CSA member, their households saw a significant increase in fruit and vegetable consumption.

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